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    CrossFit Ridgeback

    As champions of fitness, we strive to provide the highest level of professionalism and are determined to utilize the gym as a vehicle to “give back” to our Mile-High communities. Our aspiration is to first and foremost ensure that we deliver a safe, fun, and challenging experience. Secondly, we hope to achieve one of the most diverse and resilient footprints throughout all of Colorado.

    With a passion for helping others achieve their next level of excellence, advocacy for our local animal rescues and the support of military personnel and their families, we hope to loudly resonate a posture of fitness, kindness, gratefulness, and a harnessing of the perseverance that resides in us all!




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    Call Us: (720) 639-1183

    5725 E 56th Ave. Unit #105 Commerce City, CO 80022